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Honestly, i should update more...

Then again, since the death of my laptop back in april...all motivation to post left again.

Well, I've working in F21 for a year now. My parents are getting divorced and I want to rip my hair out because of it...Its insane. Dad is just... Words fail me right now, but it ain't good.

My SuJu obsession is also still strong, I have the app and the albums to prove it. Lol. I would take pics but I'm essentially cameraless.

I got an itouch for my bday...and I love it!!! I do have a slight problem with free apps. Lol. But they're so much fun!!! My favorite game right now has to be Ice Tycoon. I serve people ice cream. Its simple and fun and addicting.

I think thats about it. Hopefully ill stay motivated and keep this updated with the new ljapp. Oh well.

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Random Babbles.

Just because I right now lack a title for these things. Moving on, it's been a while, sorry peeps. Guess I've been enjoying my free time from the uni too much...damn paros...it's only going to get worse from here. I swear Fortunprick is gonna die before his four years is up...people just aren't scared of him anymore since the little terrorist pollito.

My stuff finally shipped the other day, sans Yuki's earrings which seemed to be out of stock. But I'm getting the bracelet...^_^ I can't wait to put it on. I'm also anxious to get my copy of 'Super Girl'. I've seen Fishy's and Siwonnie's scans(Fishy's is mah phone's BG atm. LOVE IT) and they look just mad sexi.

Yuki also got her copy of SS1 the other day. I've yet to see it because with the paro and all this bullshit...she hasn't been able to come up from Dorado to get me to go. Hopefully now with classes starting again, because sure as hell none of this is over...*sigh* maldita ley 7, I'll be able to see it, convulse and spazz like a happy fangirl. 

I'm honestly wondering if I should get Ai Otsuka's new best of compilation...I love the only new track off it and a new version of 甘えんぼ apparently is really good what with the orchestra. And a DVD with some of the PVs is tempting too...I've been wanting an Ai-chin album...and even with the HUGELY pink cover...this sounds appropirate...or Love Cook...I'll just have to wait around and see. I do want to get a copy of her プラネタリウム single, the song for Hana Yori Dango...like, srsly...her most awesome ballad ever.

So yeah, I think that's it for my random babbles, next time: Pictures of mah spoils from yesasia. XD

Oh yeah, I wonder why there aren't any Fishyaday coms...I'd love to get a daily fix of donghae...though I could make the com myself...anyone willing to help me out?

EEEEP! I'm 21!

Yesterday was my bday and I turned 21...still don't feel it but oh well. I'll be feeling it this time next year when I turn 22 methinks.

Anyway, I had fun yesterday, the first time in a long while did I ever have so much fun on my birthday. The cake I ordered from Maggie Moo's was HEAVEN! It was like eating my favorite creation...S'more from than a campfire...indeed it was.

I'm should be getting changed for my driving class in a bit...but I wanted to post something before I did so.

My music library just keeps growing...and so does a certain picture folder. But that's beside the point...I'm 21 bitches!


Tomorrow's my bday...HOLY SHIT I'LL BE 21!!!!!

Moving on. I got a job. XD Along with Nano it seems, he'll be working in the stock room and I'll be up front, have no idea what I'll be working at exactly. Hope it's register though.

Other than that, it's been pretty average around here. I ordered my own bday cake and I can't wait to taste it either! It'll be a s'mores overload!! YUM!

I got the first part of Season One of Dgray Man sub/dub. It's from Funi so it's got both, as a bday present. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Travis as Kanda...it's so awesome. I'm a little curious as to how Jason will do with Lavi...the Earl sounded all right. I DO love Komui...he sounds great. Though Allen sounds weird in Both English and Jap. Oh well...can't win them all.

Lastly, yeah, 21 tomorrow. Wow.

Killing time.

Well, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Moving on, it's been pretty much the same old routines here and there...I'm disappearing into my room to dance every so often now...it's fun and it's good exercise.

Still no word on a job and that sucks! I really need one. Like BADLY. I'm going to be broke soon and well...there's also THAT. My birthday's approaching at an alarming rate. I'm not all too pumped for it...but then again, I haven't been all that pumped for my bday since I started high school.

Got a mouse to use instead of using Akihiko's busted up left click button...it kept flying off with my thumb when I clicked it...my mouse is yellow. It's cute. Still nameless though...I'll figure out one for it eventually.

I'm also anxious to hear more about those revival units Tsunku's plotting...oh and also about Gackt's FOUR new singles this summer...one of them's out already. Haven't found it...come to think of it...I haven't told Zuzu about it. Gackt's releasing four new singles to commemorate his something anniversary in the music business...

That's about it. Later peeps!

Not so bad...

Yesterday wasn't so bad after all, bowling for two hours was so much fun!!! XD I got a nice valentine from an old rp buddy which surprised me a little...

I think that's about it...I have to go get my sammich...shoot, almost all the cheese went missing...*sigh*


*sigh* I hate hate hate hate hate HATE norton...the little icon now has an X in my tray and I'm getting pissed off since I can't figure out where or why it's coming from...

And what makes it even better is that nothing norton related is opening...





Thank you Yulia!!! XD

I'm so happy right now. I don't have anything else to add, really...


NOW they decide to be nice...

Well after how long? A month maybe...the antivirus company finally got around to complete the custom cleaners for Senna...I would've found out sooner if it weren't because Vati forgot to tell me that the company sent me an email yesterday.

He be special.

Well today is the whole list of days that we did last year...I copy pasted it onto a post on my Gaia quest thread because I was bored. But still...there's some truth to it, is there not?

I'm wearing a Gir shirt(my boyfriend asked me if I was wearing one...and you know what? After thinking it better, I'm better of with Gir than that white shirt...it describes exactly how much I don't like the day.) It's the I'm gonna be sick one for those who know which shirt I has.

I'm also wearing black pants...but I'm changing those into a more comfortable pair of jeans...

What else? Oh yeah, I'm having pizza tonight. XD

I'm happy.

See you around peeps!


I avoided the place of doom... dunno how...but mutti this morning while slept and dreamt about something came in to tell me that if I were going to the beach with my boyfriend, that it would be nice of me to drop by at Fajardo...

Well, honestly he works at four so the trip is bad to make today...

I'm better off plotting for that fic and MAYBE studying for math...I know the material pretty well so I don't think I need much to study for...and I finally understood how to do certain math problems...I know... a little late. oh wells.

I think that's all I has to report...Senna is still being kinda bitchy but she's working fine.


I'm gonna go make myself a sammich.



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